Fit First for January 2019

Fitness First is my monthly fitness update and the first post I publish each month. Although I didn’t end December, and 2019 for that matter, where I wanted to or on a major high note for fitness accomplishments, when compared to where I was a year ago, it was still a good year.

By the Numbers

Here is my summary of where I ended the past month in several key fitness-related measurements compared with where I ended the previous month.

Jan. 1st Nov. Dec. Change
Weight 281.4 281.4 0
Waist 44.5 45.5 1
Kilt Waist 50 49.5 -0.5
Chest 48 50 2
Neck 17 17 0
Biceps 15 14 -1
Thigh 26.5 24 -2.5
Calf 17.5 17.5 0
Max Ride 57.31 57.31 0
Month Ride 129.34 119.6 -9.74

The measurements don’t tell of any major progress over the month of December. In fact, my weight is exactly the same as a month ago, and every measurement is about the same and within the range of measuring error. Since returning from Scotland, I have been able to get back into a fitness or diet regime and it shows.

A Month of Distractions

I can see why we set New Year’s Resolutions in January – because December is full of other stuff to distract you from what you are trying to do (especially exercising). The weather was cold here in north Florida, and, for the sake of my fingers, I learned the threshold is that you really can’t ride comfortably when its below 50 degrees outside. In addition to the cold throughout the month, I developed a rather heavy cough which lasted most of three weeks and made breathing quite difficult during exertion. Finally, my mother visited for two weeks around Christmas which threw the whole family schedule out of whack for the last two weeks of the month. All three of those combined to prevent any routine from taking hold.

Major Accomplishments

I had set 4 goals for December – let’s see how I did:

Goal #1 – Cycling. I was once again planning to get back to a regular 20-mile daily ride in December (as I had also planned to do in November) but that still hasn’t happened. Although I have been riding about 10 miles every other day for over a week, this is still not much, and I didn’t even beat November’s total miles ridden. What I did do however, was top 3000 miles of riding throughout 2018 which is pretty good (although it could have been much higher with solid November and December totals).

Goal #2 – Weights. I was also planning to begin a weight training routine, but that has not happened yet either – for most of the same reasons as cycling. However, during the Christmas break, my wife did develop a lifting routine for us to start this month – so we at least have a plan.

Goal #3 – Nutrition. Although it’s not what I had hoped for, I can claim one major accomplishment for December of 2018 – I did not gain weight between Thanksgiving and Christmas! This is a time of year heavy in big meals, desserts, snacking, and candy where I traditionally gained 10-15 pounds. This year I maintained my weight through a combination of my limited cycling and more closely regulating the food intake.

Goal #4 – Goal Setting. Goals did not get set in December, but they are underway for January and will likely be published in my next post (once the Kilted Kid gets back to school tomorrow).

Goals for January and 2019

The categories remain the same, and so does the meat of the goals.

Goal #1 – Cycling. By the end of Janaury I need to be cycling daily, with a goal of getting back to 20-mile daily rides. I should push to be ready for a 50-miler in February.

Goal #2 – Weights. A lifting routine has been written with alternating A and B days. My wife and I need to get out to the gym and give it a go so we can see how it works.  

Goal #3 – Nutrition. Time for some menu planning. The family received a Ninja Foodi for Christmas which has opened up a lot of new avenues for meal planning. We need to get some good nutritious meals going which include more balance, more vegetables, and less cholesterol (doctor’s orders).

Goal #4 – Goals. Within the next 2 weeks, I will publish a full set of 2019 goals, including quarterly goals and milestones.

More updates coming soon! And be sure to let me know if there is anything else specific you want to know about in these posts.