This seems obvious, and is probably a cliché as well, but the key to success is perseverance. Once you have started an undertaking, fitness or otherwise, quitting is like throwing away everything you’ve invested into your progress. Obstacles may slow you down, but you have the power to decide how they affect you. Will you quit and let your obstacles stop you? Or will you persevere, conquer them, and grow stronger in the process?

There are hundreds of stories of those who chose not to quit and found success. Here are a few:

Edison tried and failed over a thousand times before he invented a successful filament for his light bulb. He would later say he never failed, rather he found over a thousand ways not to make a light bulb.

In 1927 and instructor at the John Murray Anderson Drama School told Lucille Ball that she should find another profession, any other profession than acting. As you know she became the pioneer of women in comedy and television.

Decca Records turned down the Beatles for a record contract because they “didn’t like their sound” and though guitar-based bands were on the way out. Where is Decca Records now?

Chester Carlson was turned down by 20 companies before the company which became Xerox bought the rights to his electrostatic paper copying process. After that investment, Xerox became synonymous with photocopying.

There are more. Many more. You probably have your own story of failure – I know I do. But when you choose not to quit, you grasp at success. And when you keep grasping, you will eventually achieve your goals. This is how you achieve success. Don’t Quit!



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