There is one overtly obvious reason that Expand Knowledge is part of the KILTED! Principle and another less obvious one.

If your goal is to be healthy, you will need to know what it takes to get healthy. And unless you already know what foods to eat, what exercises to do, and the reasons you need to do them, then good for you. But if you don’t already know everything about diet, your metabolism, exercise, and training then there is more for you to learn. (And who can claim to know everything?) And learning more is why you need to expand your knowledge.

I have very clearly stated that I do not claim to be an expert on many of the topics I am choosing to write about in this blog and website. I have had to do a lot of reading and research to organize some of the posts and to understand the underlying principles behind nutrition and muscle development. But even as I am beginning I already feel mentally stronger. I have become better prepared to take charge of my fitness and my health. And it’s all because I have forced myself to expand my knowledge.

But I don’t want you to stop there. Don’t be satisfied with expanding your knowledge of health and fitness. Take it further. Learn something new. Take an adult education class or an online course. Or pursue a hobby. Learn chess, or opera, or military history, or something else that will either make you read or interact with others. Giving your brain a workout is just as important as working your muscles and can prevent or at least delay the onset of forms of dementia like Alzheimer’s Disease.


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