The KILTED Dad does not have any current sponsors. I would like them, but my story just isn’t big enough… yet.

But if I did have sponsors, these are some of the brands I would like to have sponsoring me (hint, hint), as they make the products who have already been a part of my fitness journey/

Since my sophomore year of college, Trek has been the only brand of bicycle I have ridden (except once on a rental bike in Europe). I have always chosen a hybrid bike, but feel it is time to upgrade to a road bike since that is where all my riding has been over the last couple years.

I drink Propel fitness water almost exclusively…

CLIF bars have been my go-to snack after workouts, especially their Builder’s Protein Bars (love me some of that chocolate peanut butter) for after lifting.

I track my workouts and other physical activities in Strava. This wonderful app will track and map activities as well as allow manual entry of activities that can’t be tracked (like using stationary equipment). Strava also syncs with a plugin which display workouts on this website.

Most of all, I need you.

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