New Year, New Plan, New Start

I think its fair to assume that 2020 didn’t turn out the way most people had planned.

Personally I lost all of my momentum and a good share of progress when the schools shut down. Even though the Kilted Kid had online school, I had to do a lot of supplemental instruction and fill all the down time to keep him engaged in the often lackluster lessons.

It seems like every time I tried to get back into a cycling routine, I ended up getting a flat tire – the last three flats happened with 8 miles on a new tube, then the next two flats came before I could even get the tire back on the bike!

To cap off all of the distractions and interruptions, the wife got a promotion and transfer that saw us moving to Georgia last year so packing up, listing and selling the Jacksonville house, finding and buying a new house, loading, moving, unpacking, organizing and everything else to complete the move has pretty much dominated the last two to three months.

But now that we’re settled, have made progress unpacking and organizing most of our stuff, completed the necessary yard work, and set up a basement gym, and fixed the cursed bike tire, we’re ready to get rolling in 2021.

So like I said in the title: It’s a new year. We have a new Plan. And its tiem to Get KILTED!


  1. Set up the bike on a “stand” in your basement gym, then you won’t get so many flat tires!

    1. Author

      I have tried one from CycleOps before and while it worked, it was less than ideal. The friction of the resistance wheel built up a lot of heat and in time (a few simulated miles) actually began to melt the tire causing a lot more wear than 1000 road miles ever did. Besides, the biggest point of cycling is to get outside which you don’t get with a stationary trainer.

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