Looking for a gift idea for the Kilted Dad? Here are a couple things he really, really wants but which are not sold by Amazon and thus cannot be put on his wish list.

Maybe Scorners of Death, the new book on Gaelic Swordsmanship?

Or maybe a Synthetic Basket Hilt Broadsword for Training if it is available – these sell out pretty fast every time they get a shipment in?

I would like to have a spear for training and display at the Clan Tent, so below are an appropriate spearhead and a pole from Kult of Athena,

Large Spear Head    Ash Spear Pole - 84

A low-quality Scottish Arming Sword for display at the Clan Tent (if you’re wondering why I ask for a low-quality sword, its because The Caithness or The Laird both from Albion Swords are  a comparable high-quality sword).

Scottish Arming Sword