Fit First for May 2018

Fitness First is my monthly fitness update published on the first of each month. May, 2018 has been a busy month, and although not as productive as I had hoped for, offered a few surprises for me as I compiled the data for this report.


By the Numbers

Here is where I summarize the month with a comparison of key fitness-related measurements and their net change over the past month. II hadn’t decided what all to measure when I started so I don’t have comparison data for most of the measurements but have now established the baseline for next month and the future.

  April May Change
Weight 304.6 300.4 -4.2
Waist X 46 NA
Kilt Waist X 53 NA
Chest X 53 NA
Neck X 17.5 NA
Biceps X 15.5 NA
Thigh X 26 NA
Calf X 18 NA
Max Ride 10.22 20.43 +10.21


Fitness Programs

Once again there has been more planning and prepping than actual fitness happening here. I have not yet worked into a regular routine for anything yet, which will have to be the biggest goal for May. Cycling has been more regular but still only 12 rides for the month, although my bike was down for repairs and in the shop with a broken spoke for 6 days in the middle of the month (I may have to learn how to do that one myself).


Major Accomplishments

This morning’s weigh in was my lowest recorded weight since I started this process. Although not a major milestone, weighing 300.4 pounds is still progress I’m happy to have. It’s especially nice since the scale does bounce down into the 299’s as it’s trying to decide on the final weight to display. That does make it exciting to be that close to breaking under the 300 mark. So close… but not quite yet.

Despite not cycling as much as I have intended, I am on track for the Trotternish Trek having achieved the goal of a 20-mile ride by May 1st with this morning’s 20.43-mile ride.

The garage has been fully cleaned out and is ready to be used as the Kilted Gym. So far it’s just the weight bench, barbell, curling bar, dumbbells, and kettlebells, but that should be all we need to get started. We’ve made a few runs through some exercises with most of the equipment, but no regular routines yet.

More updates coming soon! And be sure to let me know if there is anything else specific you want to know about in these posts.