The world, and especially TV commercials and infomercials are full of plans, programs, and theories to help you lose weight. Everyone knows about Weight Watchers, the Paleo Diet, and whatever else Dr. OZ is accepting money to support this week. I call these traps, because you can get so caughtRead More →

Your weight is not the be-all and end-all of your health, but it is a major component of your physical health. It almost certainly affects your self-image or how you feel about yourself. Assuming that weight loss is at least one of your goals, if not the primary goal, inRead More →

Everybody says that the way to get healthy is cardio, and the best cardio is running. Fueled by her background in college athletics, when my wife gets on a fitness kick, she starts walking and after a couple of weeks upgrades to running. Just when she seems to be gettingRead More →