Fit First for August 2018

Oops! There’s nothing like logging on and see that you forgot to click “Publish” on the post you wrote almost a week ago! So better late than never, here it is…

Fitness First is my monthly fitness update published on the first of each month (once again coming to you on the second…). July 2018 has been another great month, and although the posts have been pretty thin again, and my routine was interrupted by a Bye Week, the progress has gone well.


By the Numbers

Here is my summary of where I ended the past month in several key fitness-related measurements compared with where I ended the previous month. Not everything ended where I had expected or hoped, but once again I can’t really complain about my results.


Aug. 1st June July Change
Weight 289 282 -7
Waist 45 45 0
Kilt Waist 52 51 -1
Chest 52 51 -1
Neck 17 17 0
Biceps 14.5 15 0.5
Thigh 24 24.5 0.5
Calf 18 18 0
Max Ride 45.16 22.74 -22.42
Month Ride 527.84 431.39 -96.45


Seven pounds is good progress for the month and has led to my lowest recorded weight of an even 282. I am especially pleased since I essentially stopped my fitness routine for a week and engaged in other activities while not having any control over the food I ate beyond how much I chose to consume (Boy Scout Summer Camp). What is the result of even pounds? This time it is an inch of fat each over the gut and the chest. So, one again, I can say that I am pleased with the results.


Fitness Programs

The focus in July continued to be cycling. I was worried about the fact that I would miss a whole week of cycling due to summer camp, so I did not plan to exceed the previous month’s 527 miles distance. I also didn’t manage to (or chose not to, I’m really not sure which) take in any major rides, with my longest in July being 22.74 miles. I did, however, up my average daily ride during the course of the month from 17.59 in June (15.26 if you exclude the 40 mile rides) to 18.76 in July for the days I did ride. Furthermore, since I have returned from summer camp, every daily ride has exceeded 20 miles.



Major Accomplishments

I didn’t set any specific goals for July as I had for August, therefore I don’t have any major accomplishments except for a good number on the weight loss and the increase in my daily ride distance. However I feel that I did slip backwards in that I haven’t been on a major distance ride in over a month.



I’m now just over 2 months away from my trip to Scotland so two things which will have to happen really, really soon.

Goal #1 – Long Rides. I need to resume the long-distance rides and exceed 50 miles (and probably at least 55) by the end of August. I’ve just learned of a 14.5 mile long rail-trail in the area, so I’ll probably try that out next week. Two round trips on it would be a total of 58 miles so completing that would give me the distance I need for the Trotternish loop including the side trip up to the Quirang viewpoint.

Goal #2 – Climbing. I need to find a place where I can cycle on non-flat terrain. Not so easy to do in coastal Florida, but there has to be someplace where I can get some climbing practice in without driving too far.

Goal #3 – Weights. Gotta lift them. It’s time to formalize a weekly weight training plan and get it under way.

Goal #4 – Nutrition. There are 3 factors that define how much your food affects you and your weight – what you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat. I’ve noticed that at any one time I have been effectively managing any two of the three, but it never seems like I have all three under control at the same time. So this is the month we need to master menu planning and get the food take fully under control.


More updates coming soon! And be sure to let me know if there is anything else specific you want to know about in these posts.