A New Year’s Resolution is a promise made at the beginning of the year, and usually made only to yourself, that you will achieve a personal goal at some point throughout the year. According to historians, New Year’s resolutions have been occupying our thoughts for at least 4,000 years. TheRead More →

I’ve lost track of whether we’re under a “Safer at Home” or a “Shelter in Place” order, and how much difference there really is between the two. Technically, no one is supposed to be outside their home unless they work in an essential industry (like the Kilted Wife is) orRead More →

This COVID-19 Pandemic is shaping up to be an interesting social experiment. With governments over-reacting, under-reacting, and politicizing every move made by world leaders. It’s been interesting to watch the press and many politicians more interested in blaming the President than trying to be part of the solution in hopesRead More →

Well, after not having any significant goals set up for 2019, and therefore not really achieving the goals I didn’t really have in the first place, I ended 2019 in just about the same place as I ended 2018. Now that we’re already a week into 2020, I thought I’dRead More →

Fitness First is my monthly fitness update and the first post I publish each month. Although I normally follow a well-established pattern for these posts, I won’t bother for this installment as it has been a very atypical month. I may even need to call this one an “Unfit First.”Read More →

When discussing all the major struggles we face in life, one of the least understood, least appreciated, and most detrimental is the struggle between planning and doing. Planners are thoughtful, cautious, detailed, systematic, and prepared. Doers are rash, impulsive, and act before they think. Based on the way I haveRead More →