Fit First for June 2018

Fitness First is my monthly fitness update published on the first of each month. June 2018 has been a productive month, and although I have been busy with other things and have not posted as much as I wanted to, I feel I have done well in keeping up with the fitness activities.


By the Numbers

Here is where I summarize the month with a comparison of key fitness-related measurements and their net change over the past month. This is the first month where I have a full set of comparative data – and I’m happy that I do because I’m pleased with the progress.


June 1st April May Change
Weight 300.4 294.4 -6
Waist 46 46
Kilt Waist 53 52 -1
Chest 53 52 -1
Neck 17.5 17.5
Biceps 15.5 15 -0.5
Thigh 26 25 -1
Calf 18 18
Max Ride 16.25 32.46 16.21
Month Ride 45.72 350.09 304.37


Fitness Programs

The focus in May was cycling and extending my cycling endurance and distance. To accomplish that, I completed rides 24 out of 31 days in May. I also made it my goal to ride at least 10 miles (shooting for 12.5) each time out. To increase my endurance, I made a lot of minor adjustments to my bike, specifically changing my grip angle and a couple changes in my saddle position, all of which have made a major difference in ride comfort.

I also focused on weight training targeting my triceps last month to help counter some upper back pain which was developing from my cycling position. Fortunately, these, combined with the previously mentioned adjustments, have eliminated the upper back pain.


Major Accomplishments

Much like last month, this morning’s weigh in was my lowest recorded weight since I started this process, coming in at 294.4 pounds. That’s a 6-pound loss in the past month. Furthermore, it marks 14 consecutive days below 300, which was the first weight milestone I was shooting for.

My cycling goal for May was to achieve a 30-mile ride by June 1st. I’m happy to say that I logged a 30.04-mile ride on May 12th and then a 32.46 the following weekend. I have also managed to ride every day except 2 since May 14th. The 2 days I skipped were during the passing of Tropical Storm Alberto which dumped a lot of rain here. I did try riding one of the days of the storm, but called it quits when the rain got so heavy that it I couldn’t see at all.

In addition to having more individual rides, longer average distance, and a longer maximum distance, I reached another milestone. I rode a total of 350 miles in May. This has led to me set my June goals as follows:

I will ride all 30 days in June

I will ride at least 12 miles each day in June

I will have at least one ride exceeding 40 miles

I will ride a total of 450 miles in June

More updates coming soon! And be sure to let me know if there is anything else specific you want to know about in these posts.





  1. I really appreciate you documenting the goals you have set. Once you have put it out there, it’s almost that promise to yourself. Great work! Keep pedaling!

  2. Nice work! Your motivation and discipline convey to others of us. Your SC Toastmasters family sends their warmest regards.

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