Fitness First for April 2018

Fitness First is my monthly fitness update published on the first of each month. This being my first such update and having only decided to do this a couple of days ago, I’m not sure exactly what all I will include and where this will go.


By the Numbers

Here I will provide a comparison of key fitness-related measurements and their net change over the past month. In the future I will include measurements such as body weight, biking days, maximum ride distance, and more. I will also change metrics as I decide what information will be most important to track.

Body Weight      304.6

I had been tracking this data with the use of a free app. Unfortunately, sometime in past week or two they have made all the data I have been entering for the past year into accessible only through the premium version, so now I can only access my current data. Time to switch back to Excel!


Fitness Programs

I will share any specific fitness routines I have developed or used throughout the previous month.

A less than regular cycling routine with seven logged rides this past month. I did have several more rides which were not tracked due to riding with my family at a slower than usual pace.

Two minor lifting sessions due to a change in my wife’s work schedule which prevents her from joining and spotting my workouts. Two days of heavy labor in the last week one day lifting and moving boxes of books in the garage prior to painting, and several hours of yard work (chopping trees and digging out roots).


Major Accomplishments

The only major accomplishment I will mention today is that I did achieve my one written goal of working up to a 10-mile bike ride by April 1st!

Beyond that, we have been clearing out and fixing up the garage for use as the Kilted Gym.

More updates coming soon!