Its About to Get Loud!

OK, so it won’t really be loud, but it will get louder in relation to how quiet I’ve been here the past couple months. Rather than blogging recently, I’ve been busy parenting (dealing with a school system and teachers), working, and preparing for my upcoming trip to Scotland. And of course, I’ve been cycling.

But now, it’s here. As I write this, I’m sitting at the airport waiting for the first leg of the journey to Scotland. In 18 hours I should be there. In 4 days, I’ll be cycling in the Trotternish Peninsula. I’ve got a lot planned (which I’ll outline below) and I’ll hopefully be posting daily, so to stay up-to-date keep checking back!


Part 1 – Getting There

I’ll be flying to Scotland through Atlanta and Amsterdam and arriving in Inverness. On my first full day I plan to visit Fort George, Culloden Battlefield, and then make my way to Portree on the Isle of Skye.

Part 2 – Skye

Once on Skye, I have a mostly free day to survey the course of the ride and pick up my bike. I plan to ride a bit as well  to warm up some (it will have been a few days without riding) and to get a little more practice on hills. On Thursday, I’ll be taking the 48.5-mile Trotternish Loop on the bike, and hopefully also be making the ascent up to the Quirang. I plan to post a lot of pics from the ride, and if there’s enough reception I may even livestream some of it on Facebook (so be sure to follow Kilted Dad there).

Part 3 – The Clan

Starting Thursday night I’ll spend a couple days at the International Gathering of the Clan MacNicol. We’ll have some meeting and some tours and a ceilidh or two.

Part 4 – Moving On

Next week, I plan to spend a day hiking around the Cuillin Hills on Skye. The I’m off for a day of research in the Clan Donald Center Archives in Armadale. From there I’ll move to Oban which will be a base for a trip to Iona and to Duart Castle on the Isle of Mull. From there I’ll make my way to Perth, stopping at a few places along the way including the Scottish Crannog Center (what’s a crannog? you ask… stay tuned to find out!).

Part 4 – Perth

I’ll use Perth as the base for most of the rest of the trip which is a little more up in the air, but depending on some research needs may include a day-trip to Edinburgh, and most likely a day-trip to Glasgow which will end with a night as a Glasgow Clan Ice Hockey game.

Part 5 – Returning

After that, I’ll make my way back to Inverness for the much longer return flight. I’ll head to Amsterdam where I have an 18 hour layover (hopefully I know a professor there so we’re probably going to meet up), then back to Atlanta and home.


Sounds like fun, right?  Like I said, I plan to spend a lot of my down time posting about this trip, so stay tuned for a lot more details over the coming weeks.