Fit First for October 2018

Fitness First is my monthly fitness update and the first post I publish each month. September 2018 was a quiet month as far as posting went, but it was nevertheless a busy month.

By the Numbers

Here is my summary of where I ended the past month in several key fitness-related measurements compared with where I ended the previous month.

Oct. 1st August Sept. Change
Weight 279.8 277.6 -2.2
Waist 44.5 44 -0.5
Kilt Waist 50 49 -1
Chest 48 49 1
Neck 17 17 0
Biceps 14 16 2
Thigh 26 24.5 -1.5
Calf 17.5 17.5 0
Max Ride 52.26 52.26 0
Month Ride 583.78 472.39 -111.39
Total Ride 2079.61 2552 472.39


Once again, the net weight loss is a little disappointing, but the progress continues. The biggest disappointment is that I had gotten as low as 274 and then rebounded again in the last week of the month. The changes in measurements are more believable this time around, except for the thigh – but the 26 was an anomaly last month up from 24.5 the previous so I think we’re just not measuring it consistently. Also down is the total cycling for the month, and that is partially due to a couple of weekends out doing Boy Scout Stuff rather that being at home where I could cycle in the morning.


Fitness Programs

Yet again, its all about cycling. Next week is the Trotternish Trek I’ve been training for. I’ve been pushing the cycling hard over the past weeks to ensure that I will be able to complete the full ride and have a good shot of adding the side trip up to the peak of the Quirang. Although I have 6 rides over 50 miles, I haven’t quite hit the full distance of 57 miles that I ultimately want to reach.

Thanks to Kevin and friends on the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail for inviting me to join their cycling group for portions of their rides. It’s been fun and interesting to try the different dynamic of a group ride. However, I think riding with them has hindered my distance riding. I normally average about 16 mph on my solo rides, and these groups typically ride in the 18-20 mph range. Its something that I was able to do for shorter stretches (like 10-15 miles) but its not a pace I could maintain over a 50-mile ride. Furthermore, I worn me out quicker and thus made the last 10 of a 50-miler pretty tough. Tomorrow, I plan to shoot for 60, so I’ll definitely stick to my normal pace.


Major Accomplishments

I had set 4 goals for September – let’s see how I did:

Goal #1 – Long Rides. I planned to do one ride over 50 miles in distance each week. I made it for three of them, but I missed one. I don’t even remember why, except that something kept me from going out first thing in the morning, and by the time I did try to ride it was already 98 degrees so I cut it much shorter.

Goal #2 – Weights. Didn’t lift them. It’s time to formalize a weekly weight training plan and get it under way which will be a project for November.

Goal #3 – Nutrition. I think we’ve tightened up the meals a bit, but there is still no formal planning going on here so the full application of nutritional principles is still beyond us.

Goal #4 – Posting. The summer months were pretty thin for posts and what I did give was irregular. September was even worse, with only one post! All that will change in the coming days as I begin my trip to Scotland. This will give me lots to post about – especially the Trotternish Trek next week.



Goal #1 – The Trotternish Trek. Cycle the Trotternish Road Loop on the Isle of Skye during my trip. Continue cycling once I return home.

Goal #2 – Weights. Gotta lift them. Formalize a weekly weight training plan for November and get it under way.

Goal #3 – Nutrition. I’ve signed up for a couple of online nutrition courses, and the Kilted Wife is planning to check out a few as well. After returning from Scotland, I will make nutrition the focus for November – and in fact, we’re going to call it Nutrition November!

Goal #4 – Posting. I don’t know if I can promise daily, but I plan to do a lot of posting here and on the Kilted Dad Facebook Page during my trip to Scotland. A lot of what I’ll be doing will be research and meetings, but even a good part of that will be at historically significant or particularly scenic venues. So I look forward to having a lot of material to post about.


More updates coming soon! And be sure to let me know if there is anything else specific you want to know about in these posts.


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  1. Have a fun and interesting (and safe) trip!!! I know you will be able to complete the ride!!!

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