Stumbling Blocks

After returning from Scout camp, I was able to start back up riding again, but not as much as I had wanted to. I missed a few days in the first week back and have only been averaging 10.5 mile rides. Then, on Saturday morning, I had an encounter with an aggressive neighborhood pit bull which was not being properly controlled and I was bitten on the leg.

Compounding the problem of the bite was the fact that the dog in question was not (and had never been) in compliance with its rabies shots…

I was able to clean the bite and stop the bleeding, and didn’t want to go to the ER (did I mention that this was my wife’s birthday, and we had plans at Outback for lunch). We spoke to 2 nurse friends who both recommended treatment, so I went to a local Care Spot rather than the ER, but they said they couldn’t do anything about the potential for rabies, so we did eventually decide t go – but then my GP’s office called and told me that if it wasn’t bleeding I could just wait and see them on Monday if I needed further treatment.

However, when the animal control officer visited Monday morning for the report he was adamant that I needed to begin the rabies shots immediately since there is a 0% chance of survival in infected humans. After finding out at my doctor’s office that the ER is the only place to go get rabies shots, I went and spent 5 hours there getting the first round of shots (I think it was 11 shots total). Rabies also conveniently has three additional rounds of shots.